Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No, I go through and remove images that are duplicates, out of focus, and have bad expressions. This saves you time going through nearly identical images to find the perfect shots.

Do you touch up all of the images?

I touch up all images that I present to you.

How many images do I get in my wedding album?

The wedding album comes with 45 images and you can add as many additional images as you would like at an extra charge per image.

Do you travel outside the Twin Cities?

Yes, I do travel outside the Twin Cities, but I do charge mileage.

Do your packages include an engagement session?

The short answer is no, I offer an engagement session separately, and then deduct the price of the engagement session from the wedding package.

These are some of the common wedding portrait questions that I get at Chad Bergmann Photography, if you have any others, please contact me.